• Alternative Politics: The Polarization Effect

    25th Sep 2019 by

    Written by Timothy J. Tetreault on April 7, 2017 – Mount Royal University Introduction Cable television and broadcast radio have long been powerful outlets for communicating political ideas. But in the Facebook era, has it gone too far? Media has been used by leaders in the past to promote communist ideologies, fascist ones and everything… Read more

  • An Evaluation of Canadian Tire’s Supply Chain

    17th Sep 2019 by

    Written by Timothy J. Tetreault on September 17, 2019 (Mount Royal University) Operating an efficient and effective supply chain is a necessity for the long term longevity of an organization. A supply chain is the processes and procedures needed to most effectively get the product to the end consumer. Supply chain management involves controlling the… Read more

  • Canada: First Past the Post – A Case for Status Quo

    15th Sep 2019 by

    Written by Timothy J. Tetreault on September 15, 2019 (Mount Royal University) Introduction Is Canada’s political system in need of change? Every election cycle, the losing party complains about the current ‘first past the post’ system. They complain that the election was lost because of election bias, where the winning party is over-represented in the… Read more

  • Reasons That Every Student Should Paint

    14th Sep 2019 by

    Written by: Timothy J. Tetreault on September 14, 2019 Early morning frost coated my every breath as the stepladder slipped out from under me and I came tumbling down onto the cold pavement. Most of a gallon of paint coated me, the grass, and the concrete steps leading up to the house. Adrenaline rushed through… Read more

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